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Trainer Ball: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature Trainer Ball. A real-to-reel kinetic Pokeball hand controller, which works just like a Pokeball thrown in the much hyped about game, Pokemon Go.

Image Credit: Trainer Ball
Image Credit: Trainer Ball

Built to let you feel like a real Pokemon Trainer on the hunt, the Trainer Ball is a connected gadget built with Bluetooth and accelerometer features. With the accelerometer, Bluetooth and technology similar to SnapChat’s face detection, the Trainer Ball is accurately represented when used in the game.

There are two ways the Trainer Ball can be used to catch Pokemons. Firstly, by physically throwing the Trainer Ball like how one might if catching a real life Pokemon. Built with a protective foam layer, this ensures the Trainer Ball does not break or spoil easily upon contact with hard surfaces. Secondly, the Trainer Ball can be used as a remote control. So instead of physically throwing it, just wave it like how you would use a Nintendo Wii Controller.

Image Credit: Trainer Ball
Image Credit: Trainer Ball

Like a real Pokeball, there would be a LED light which would light up under low light conditions. Adding to its list of features, the Trainer Ball doubles up as a portable battery pack for your Poke catching needs. The brains behind the Trainer Ball are still working out how big the battery capacity would be. Currently, they are looking for the battery size to be between 2,500mAh to 6,600mAh.

The Trainer Ball really does serve its purpose and adds an additional layer, to the already immersive and slightly invasive Pokemon Go. Building on that, it is great that the Trainer Ball doubles up as a portable battery pack to give you the juice you need. However, it’s slightly steep price of SG$67 may pose as a barrier. I might be better off just playing Pokemon Go like the rest of mankind – swiping my screen like my life depends on it.

Image Credit: Trainer Ball
Image Credit: Trainer Ball


Availability and Price

Recently fully funded, the Trainer Ball’s early bird pledge which includes one Trainer Ball is still available, and retails for SG$47 (US$35). International shipping is at an additional flat rate of SG$20 (US$15). All orders look to be fulfilled by October later this year.

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