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TP-Link releases new flagship Archer C5400X router with a quad-core SoC

Ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2017 this week, TP-Link has announced a new flagship router, dubbed the Archer C5400X.

The Archer C5400X is powered by a powerful quad-core SoC from Broadcom, clocked at 1.8 GHz. Thanks to the 28nm BCM4908 SoC, the router is capable of delivering speeds of up to 5433 Mbps when running on a 4×4 tri-band configuration. This makes the Archer C5400X a great choice for gamers and enthusiasts, as the high speed should allow the router to stream 4K content without any lag whatsoever.

As you can see above, the TP-Link Archer C5400X comes with no less than eight antennas to provide greater range. The modem integrates RangeBoost technology as well, which further helps widen signal reach to all your devices. It also supports x4 MU-MIMO and NitroQAM technology to boost wireless speeds. Another interesting feature of the Archer C5400X is that it comes equipped with 16GB of built-in storage. The onboard storage lets you use the router as a mini NAS of sorts. Not every high-end consumer router offers this feature, so this is definitely going to be a major selling point of the router.

We expect to find out more about the key specifications of the router, as well as its pricing and availability info in the coming weeks.

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