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Toukiden 2 is out on Playstation Asia’s Store

Slay your demons on a whole new level with Toukiden 2, which is coming to the PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita on 28 July!

This action RPG game  will bring you part destruction gameplay in an ancient Japanese world, which is what Toukiden 2 seeks to bring to its players. Players in this game will be transformed into Mononofu, warriors with special powers granted to fight against devil! For this installment, the entire world will be displayed in just one map, giving players an “open world” field for you to enjoy.


Action system of the game has also greatly been improved, including The Hand of Mononofu system. With this giant hand, you can jump to where you want, absorb energy on the map or unleash super moves to completely erase the body parts of enemies. 

If you purchase the game by 11 August and you will get Toukiden 2 themes and an add-on “Armor: “Tenko costume!

Platform Product Name Language SGD MYR IDR THB
PS4, PS3 Toukiden 2 (with introductory bonus) Japanese ver. 75.10 220 731,000 1,941
PS Vita Toukiden 2 (with introductory bonus) Japanese ver. 63.10 185 615,000 1,632

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