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Touch ID may be featured on Apple’s iPad 5?

Much of the news surrounding the iPhone 5S has a lot to do with the embedded fingerprint sensor, but what if that feature can also be applied to the upcoming iPad 5?  Will this authentication method entice people to dump their current iPad like they did the iPhone?


Like all news about future Apple products, everything is nothing more than mere speculations, but rumors and speculations like these are what gets our imagination going.  So without further ado, how about we begin speculating about whether not the iPad 5 will have a fingerprint sensor built into the home button.

[youtube id=”U6zEOiPlYtw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

A video released on YouTube by Unbox Therapy reveals that the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint sensor fits a supposed iPad 5 font panel.  Not only does the ripped iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor fit, but it goes on so snuggly that it would be a shame if Apple didn’t slap on the part for prospective iPad 5 buyers.

Before Apple-fanatics go wild about a prospect of a fingerprint sensor-enabled iPad 5, it’s worth noting that Apple is facing supply constraints regarding the housing and sensor component.  The reality, however, is that people are willing to jump through hoops and even lava just to get their hands on the latest iPad gadget, and an iPad with low supply and high demand may produce just that.

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