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The Toto $10,000 Toilet Bowl is a Luxurious Throne for Your Butt

Japan is obsessed with their fancy toilet bowls, and the Neorest AC is evidence for it. Although no one has come out to officially mention the debut price of the 2017 model, the 2016 predecessor costs a whopping US$10,200.

What do you get for this amount of money? Well, pretty much a toilet that doesn’t have a an ugly tank. Actually, not really, the tank is just hidden, into the the wall of your house. That’s not it. It also automatically opens, closes, and cleans itself every time you use it, because people don’t want to clean up after themselves. Furthermore, tThe bowl is built with a bacteria-resistant material. It also contains ionized water as well as ultraviolet light so that nothing disgusting or foul-smelling will grow on it. Nevertheless, you still need to scrub it about 1x a year.

Not fancy enough for you? Wait for it. This toilet also has a remote control. It can only be controlled in short-range, so you don’t steal it and annoy other users at home by controlling their toilet from the outside. It fits on your wall and allows you to control the bidet function, help tidy you up and blow gusts of warm air to help you dry your butt.

The Neorest AC is set to appear on the market later this spring. You should expect it to be extremely expensive, but maybe it will improve your bowel movement experience.

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