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Toshiba unveils new standard-height, 1TB hard disks for notebooks

Well, that sure didn't take very long. In less than two weeks after we published the news of Western Digital's success in rolling out what was probably the world's first standard-height, 1TB-touting mobile hard disks for notebooks, out comes Toshiba with its own variant of such a hard disk, the MQ01ABD100, which the Japanese company has claimed is specially designed for devices such as high-performance notebooks and hard disk-based media recorders.

 Remember the news we posted some time back about Western Digital unveiling what was probably the world's first standard-height mobile hard disk that boasted as astronomical storage capacity of 1TB? Well, the good news is that users who are in need of a new high-capacity hard disk but want more options to choose from will probably have much to look forward to. This is because Western Digital's Scorpio Blue hard disk has found itself a new competitor in the market for standard-height mobile hard disks boasting 1TB of storage space, and it comes in the form of Toshiba's latest product, the MQ01ABD100.


According to Toshiba, the new MQ01ABD100 hard disk sports an areal density of 744Gb/in2 and boasts a power consumption of no more than 0.55 watts when idle, along with a 25% improvement in energy efficiency over its more-conventional hard disk models such as the MK7559GSXP. In addition, Toshiba claims that the new MQ01ABD100 hard disk produces lesser noise as well, peaking at 24dB during seek operations, and features standard specifications such as 8MB of cache, a platter speed of 5,400rpm, support for version 2.6 of the SATA specification and a maximum shock tolerance of up to 8,820 m / s2 when non-operational (3,920 m / s2 when operational).

No details about pricing and availability for the new MQ01ABD100 hard disk has been announced by Toshiba at this point of time, although Akihabara News is claiming that the device is expected to debut in Japan come mid-August this year.

Source: Toshiba Japan, Akihabara News

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