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Toshiba to release an ‘iPad-killer’ at IFA 2011?

Even though it has already released a handful of tablets for sale, Toshiba remains relatively unknown in this particular market segment, although it seems that the Japanese electronics company about to make an attempt to change that situation. Apparently, word has it that Toshiba is planning to release an 'iPad-killer' of sorts come IFA 2011, and that its new tablet will compete against Apple's offerings in both the design and performance departments.

If there is one certainty in the ever-evolving world of consumer electronic devices, it is that the market for mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablets is never silent, a fact that is backed up by the latest piece of news concerning Toshiba. Apparently, the Japanese electronics company plans to introduce an 'iPad-killer' of sorts in IFA 2011 this year, which will be held from September 2 to September 7.

Details about the new device are scarce, but according to a report published by Italian website NotebookItalia, Toshiba's yet-unnamed 'iPad-killer' tablet will sport a significant reduction in thickness from its previous models. The website also claims that this slimmed-down design was made possible due to Toshiba's decision to make use of micro-sized interfaces exclusively, although variety does not appear to be compromised, as essential ports such as a micro-USB, micro-HDMI and microSD card readers are still present on the new tablet.

NotebookItalia also claims that the new tablet will sport a brushed metal finish, while the Toshiba branding appears to be embossed onto the cover itself, as shown. Unfortunately, no details about the tablet's hardware, such as its display resolution, battery life, processor speed and bundled operating system are forthcoming, although it is accepted that Toshiba will most likely spring for an updated version of the Honeycomb operating system.

Source: NotebookItalia

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