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Toshiba ships out nearline storage enterprise HDD samples

Toshiba recently started shipping sample units of their new high-capacity USB 3.0 HDDs. These drives will utilize nearline storage technology, allowing it to be used as transitional database for multiple networks or machines.

Toshiba recently began conducting sample shipments of their new MG03SCA400 and MG03ACA400 HDDs. These two models are classified as high-end 3.5-inch SAS/SATA storage drives, having a data capacity of 4TB. The focus point of its specs and capabilities is its configuration to be used as a nearline storage device. This means that both models can act as transitional archiving units, capable of being efficiently accessed in any local/wide area network or system.

Security-wise, both the MG03SCA400 and the MG03ACA400 are capable of using its special overwrite functionality. It would follow a data transfer command from an authorized system, and would record that specific command data on each disk within the drive. This way, the data that is recorded to the HDD becomes exclusive, and would not be extracted by any other user.

Aside from security and raw performance/capability, power management options are also improved in these large disk drives. Control options for energy consumption modes when idle and active for example, are readily available to each unit. Efficiency and green standards are also actively met by the models. For instance, its manufacture goes in line with the European RoHS Directive, and is halogen and antimony-free.

The HDD's are of course directly targeted towards enterprises and other business type consumer entities that requires huge data space capacities (e.g. data centers). The model that would use the SATA interface is the MG03ACA400, and for the SAS interface, the MG03SCA400.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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