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Toshiba reveals specs of its 4k ultra-HD laptop

Toshiba finally unveils more information as well as technical specifications of its upcoming 4k ultra-HD laptop.


Earlier this year, we’ve seen Toshiba show off a new 4k ultra-HD laptop at CES 2014. While it sure was an eye-catcher at the time, no specs were actually revealed. But that has changed already, and now the company has finally revealed more about their very first upcoming 4k laptop.

The Satellite P50t tightly packs its 3840×2160 resolution onto a 15.6-inch 10-point multi-touch screen, giving it a pixel density of 282 pixels per inch. Its ultra-HD resolution is also promptly augmented with the most accurate visual color representation possible, thanks to its ChromaTune calibration and Technicolor certification. Toshiba technically made the Satellite P50t the portable productivity unit for graphics artists and digital designers in terms of visuals.

As for its innards, it will use a 4th generation Haswell i7 processor, DDR3L 1600 RAMs (16GB max), and an AMD Radeon R9 M265X graphics processor. Basic data storage capacity is set at 1TB, and would have an optional BDXL-compatible Blu-ray optical drive. Other components include a standard Wi-Fi receiver, Bluetooth 4.0, a Gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports, an HD webcam, and SD card slots. OS will be Windows 8.1 64bit.

No prices and specific release dates revealed yet, but Toshiba plans to make the Satellite P50t commercially available within this year’s second quarter.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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