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Toshiba releases dual-screen Libretto tablet for sale

Leave it to Toshiba to pick up on a great concept by Microsoft. While the dual-screen Microsoft Courier tablet never saw the light of the day, Toshiba’s Libretto did, and this little computer wonder is now available for sale. The question is, will it make you rush out for one? 

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When leaks about the now-canceled Microsoft Courier project first found its way on the internet, the online world was awash with anticipation. Some called the project a great start to challenging Apple’s grip on the tablet space, while others were highly interested in the dual-screen nature of the device, which allowed for news ways a user could interact with the device.

Unfortunately, the buzz did not last for long, and Microsoft eventually made the fated announcement that the Courier project was never meant to be. But this does not mean that idea of a dual-screen tablet died along with the Courier. Instead, Toshiba quietly worked on its own dual-screen computing device, and in June this year, the company announced its Libretto W100, a dual-screen ultramobile concept PC.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Toshiba has finally announced that their concept PC will be available for sale. For US$1100, you will get the lovely-looking, dual 7-inch W100 which comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium, and sports an Intel Pentium U5400 processor. Backing up the W100 processing needs are specifications standard to most conventional notebooks: 2GB of DDR3 ram, Intel HD graphics, 64GB SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth and a webcam.

And while the W100 looks every bit a great device, the biggest issue is probably the pricetag, considering the specifications of the machine. Still, at least Toshiba is throwing in Windows 7 Home Premium for the W100 and not the touch-crippled Starter edition found in some other devices. More importantly, you might want to move fast if a W100 occupies a spot in your shopping list of ‘I want(s)’, because the W100 will only be available in limited quantities. You have been informed.

Toshiba (Sinagpore) did not respond to our request for the W100’s local availability and pricing at the time of publication.

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