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Toshiba plans to move TransferJet technology externally to Android

Toshiba has announced the development of their special TransferJet module adapter for the Android OS. The adapter will turn any Android tablet or smartphone into a TransferJet compatible unit, capable of high speed wireless data transfer rates.

Are you exasperated because of the current "selectiveness" of TransferJet technology for mobile devices? Well Toshiba has some great news for you. This is because they have just recently announced that they will be moving the TransferJet technology externally to Android devices. What does this mean? It means that they have developed a new adapter that would turn any Android device into a TransferJet compatible one.

The TJM35420MU is a module that connects to your Android device via microUSB. It looks like your average USB drive tilted sideways. As briefly hinted earlier, the module provides any compatible Android device with instant TransferJet capability, allowing it to boost its wireless data transfer speeds to the high speed rates of the technology without the need of an internal TransferJet chip. This implementation of TransferJet to tablets and smartphones as an external, auxiliary device is a first in the industry, as TransferJet technology is usually developed to be internally available on mobile devices.

With the data transfer speeds of TransferJet technology, even smartphones with no internal TransferJet capability could now transfer, let's say, a 30-minute HD video, within a short time of about a minute and a half. The universality of the microUSB slot allows for many kinds of mobile devices, tablet and smartphone models to use the TransferJet module adapter seamlessly. Keep in mind though that universal USB-based peripheral compatibility is only available for Android 3.0 and up, so it probably won't connect well to your 2 year-old Android 2.3 smartphones.

There are still no specifics for the release date of Toshiba's TransferJet module adapter, but they do have announced that it would be available sometime around March of 2013.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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