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Toshiba launches superfast enterprise grade HDDs

AL13SX-series comes in 300GB, 450GB, and 600GB models.


In the enterprise world, hard disks still reign supreme. Sure solid state drives are on the way up but the sheer costs of the things prohibits many enterprises from installing them en-masse. While SSDs do have a considerable speed advantage over HDDs because of their very nature, there are some ways HDDs can narrow that gap (and become appealing with the price-performance bargain) such as dramatically increasing disk speed — which is what Toshiba has done with the AL13SXB and AL13SXQ.

Both drives in the AL13SX series have RPMs of 15,000 and are available in 300GB, 450GB, and 600GB editions. They both support standard 512n sector lengths and fit in a standard 2.5-inch form factor. The only difference with the AL13SXQ is that it supports on-disk encryption.

“The 15,000 RPM disk continues to be the backbone of mission critical IT operations. Toshiba’s AL13SX doubles available capacity while preserving the low-latency and energy efficiency customers require,” said Don Jeanette, a Toshiba Storage Products marketing director, in a statement. “While older 3.5-inch 15,000 RPM disk drives are withdrawing from the market, the AL13SX provides a clear migration path to 2.5-inch models with the same 600GB capacity and lower latency for improved performance with a significant power savings.”

No word yet on what these drives will cost or when they will be available.

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