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Toshiba Launches Glassless 3DTVs For Sale In Japan Today

More often than not, the real cost of owning a 3DTV comes not from the actual television set itself. Rather, it is the close of the active shutter glasses that usually end up costing users a small fortune, especially if one has a big family living under the same roof. This is where Toshiba’s lineup of glassless 3DTVs, the GL1 series, will fit in nicely for users facing such a dilemma.

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Television sets capable of 3D output are definitely going to be high up on anybody’s “Things I wish I have Enough Money For” list, and for good reason. After all, it is hard to pass up the opportunity of being able to watch rented Blu-ray movies or play console games in a full 3D experience that is currently only available in movie theatres.

Except that there is a little problem with the current implementation of 3D images for most home televisions sets. To date, most 3D-capable television sets sold in the market require the use of active-shutter glasses in order for the user to experience the 3D effect. And the glasses are not cheap: this means that consumers who are planning to purchase such a television set as a family TV will have to end up spending a small fortune on the 3D glasses.

With such issues about cost, it should come as no surprise that some consumers have chosen to wait out the current batch of 3D-capable television sets in favor of glassless 3D technology. And today, it appears that the first batch of such glassless 3D-capable television sets are set to roll out for sale: Toshiba has announced that its latest line of REGZA television sets, the GL1 series will be available for consumer purchase in Japan.

The GL1 series of glassless 3D television sets will be available in a range of form factors; however, Toshiba claims that the 12-inch and 20-inch variants will be the first commercially-available form factors The 12-inch variant, known as the 12GL1, has been confirmed to hit Japanese retail stores today, while the 20-inch 20GL1 will only be made available much later at May 25 next year.

However, it must be pointed out that you are not going to able to to make use of the 12GL1 for 3D movies of any sort. This is because the 12GL1 is not HD-capable in any way: instead, it sports a rather unconventional resolution of 466 x 350, which is more in line with the older 4:3 aspect ratio found in older television sets and Standard Definition video formats. Which effectively means that users of the 12GL1 are automatically relegated to watching normal, standard-definition TV broadcasts in 3D, and nothing more.

That being said, the GL1 series of 3D television sets are not going to come cheap. According to Toshiba, the 20-inch 20GL1 set will set consumers back by about 200,000 yen, or approximately US$2,396. And if you thought the 12GL1 would be significantly cheaper, think again: it currently has a rather fat pricetag of 120,000 yen, which translates to about S$1,438.

Source: AV Watch

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