Toshiba is catering to wearable device manufacturers with its latest chipset.


Toshiba is the latest manufacturer to lavish its attention on the wearable segment. The application processor TZ1001MBG is designed for wearable devices and features an integrated accelerometer, motion tracker and flash memory. The processor is based on ARM’s architecture and is a 48 MHz variant in the Cortex (R) series (M4F) that can decode information from the sensors.

There is also Bluetooth LE sensor which allows for synchronization with Bluetooth LE enabled devices. The low processing power means that the TZ1001MBG is frugal when it comes to energy consumption. It will also be the ideal chipset for wearable devices considering its small form factor.

This processor is the latest addition to the ApP Life series of products. Toshiba has announced that work is underway on the next model in the series, the TZ1011MBG, which will feature all the sensors found in the TZ1001MBG in addition to a gyroscope and magnetometer.

The introduction of Google’s Android Wear platform has caused a flurry of new announcements from manufacturers like LG, Motorola, HTC and Samsung. First wearable devices running Android Wear will be debuting sometime over the summer. Toshiba’s offering in this segment is ideal for manufacturers looking to build smartwatches or activity monitors. The TZ1001MBG will begin mass production sometime in the month of May and first commercial devices utilizing the processor should launch sometime in the third quarter.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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