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TorrentReactor Offers Proxy After Court Orders Censorship

The Italian Vallo della Lucania Court has ordered that all BitTorrent site access be censored by all ISPs in their country.  In reply, TorrentReactor is offering a proxy to bypass the censors.

The blockade was a direct reaction to the complaints from the Ialian music industry’s anti-piracy group, FPM.  Enzo Mazza who serves as head of the Italian music industry, FIMI, said the decision by the court to enact total censorship on the torrent sites was good thing and applauded the action.

BitTorrent sites have been under a lot of criticism and attack from many government agencies, and it's partly due to the music industry and its war on illegal music downloading.  In an effort to fight the censorship, TorrentReactor has created a free proxy service to circumvent the censorship blocks by the Italian government.  The new domain called come.in will operate for all manner of torrent services such as Torrents.net, KickassTorrents and The Pirate Bay.  The proxy helps a person access the blocked sites by fooling the ISP, particularly when a server is using an IP-based geolocation to block access from a particular country.

The recent Italian block of all BitTorrent sites will allow for police to investigate or seize downloaded material from individuals.  However, many feel this is a direct infringement on the purpose of the Internet, which was founded as a free and open source of information sharing. 

Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor is an accomplished writer who works as a freelance journalist and has contributed to many award winning media agencies, which includes VRzone. Born in 1971, Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Journalism, graduating Magna Cum Laude. An eclectic writer, Taylor specializes in editorials, trending technologies and controversial topics such as hacktivism and government spying.

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