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What took over the world by storm in 2016? The easiest way to find out, is to look up the most searched term on Google in 2016. Well guess what, it looks like after 21 years, Pokemon is still going strong, with Pokemon Go being the most searched term in 2016.

Credits: Engadget

As Google released the most popular searches of 2016, the viral hit game by Niantic and Nintendo, Pokemon Go, claimed the throne and the most searched term of 2016. This viral sensation that utilises augmented reality to allow users to physically traverse their neighbourhoods, towns, cities and even across countries to catch all of these Pokemon to fill up their Pokedex, outdid the Apple’s iPhone 7 and even Donald Trump on Google.

Everyone knew Pokemon Go was going to be epic, a revival of some sorts, but nobody expected it to become as huge as it eventually did.

Credits: Radio Times

Apple’s iPhone 7 was the second most searched phrase on Google in 2016, followed by Donald Trump, who was the most searched person on Google, alongside his rival in this year’s US Elections, Hillary Clinton.

News-wise, the hottest topics of 2016 were the US Elections, followed by the Olympics,  and then Brexit.

As 2017 approaches, we can’t help but wonder what the new year is going to bring about. Will the Pokemon craze die down in the month to come?

Will the Pokemon craze die down in the month to come? Will Donald Trump continue making waves as the 45th US president with his radical views? No one knows, but we can’t wait for a fresh start and a new year.

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