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Top 5 Fitness Apps for Your New Year’s Resolution

As 2016 came to a close, we’ve sure had our fill of great delicious and decadent food. All that stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie went straight to our already expanding waistline. It was no doubt worth it, a good break to unwind and celebrate with our friends and family. However, as 2017 kicks in, it’s time for us to rev up our engines once again, and stay on top of our game. We might not have gotten our beach body last year, but 2017 might be different, and these fitness apps might just help.

1. MyFitnessPal

It’s too easy to overindulge during the festive season. Excessive calories, is probably one of the biggest culprits behind your increasing waistline and unsightly cholesterol numbers. By keeping a food diary and logging your food intake, you’ll be more conscious of the choices you are making, and understand to see if you are overconsuming the number of calories you need to maintain your bodyweight. Out of all the apps out there, MyFitnessPal has the largest food databases so you can track the calories and even macronutrients of your daily food intake (protein, fats and carbohydrates). By sticking to a calorie or macronutrient plan, you will begin to see the weight fall off. Afterall, as Subway says it, Eat Right, Feel Light.

2. Saucony Stride Lab

Do your cardio. Everyone knows the importance of daily exercise. Running and jogging can not only get those pounds off fast, but also improve your cardiovascular health by leaps and bounds. Whilst running is a convenient exercise, running anywhere and everywhere is an art, one that Stride Lab seeks to perfect. In fact, Saucony Stride Lab seeks to be your mobile running assistant that tries to improve your running technique by evaluating your stance, mobility, stability and stride. Following which, it devises a personal plan for you, with running drills and workouts to perfect your leap to fitness.

3. SleepGenius

Nutrition and training might be the pinnacle of fitness, but the trinity, is not complete without sleep. Running low on sleep can also have a detrimental impact on your physical and emtional wellbeing. Although the excessive use of technology is often the biggest culprit behind our, it can actually help you get better-quality sleep. SleepGenius, is evidence of this. Built by experts with knowledge of neuroscience, sleep and sound, the app makes use of tons of algorithms to bring your brain through the important stages of REM sleep before waking you up with a well-timed alarm to kickstart your day.

4. The Mindfulness App

Your physical health is important, but your mental health is just as crucial, if not more important. Mindfulness is said to help reduce stress and anxiety, which I think we can agree is absolutely rampant in today’s society. These practices in the app, used by countless meditators across 130 countries will let you get access to a full library of guided and silent meditation sessions from as short as 3 minutes to 30 minutes, allowing your to meditate at your own pace and at any location.

5. Gulp

Eat right, train right, and sleep right. Nobody really tells you to drink right. However, in a hot country such as Singapore, it’s best that you keep track of your water intake to stay hydrated throughout the day. Not drinking enough water can have disastrous consequence for your overall health, causing you to be lethargic all day and even slow down your metabolism! With Gulp, you can get a personal recommendation on how much water you should be drinking everyday to ensure that you pumped up for the day ahead. You can even log your water intake to track your hydration levels throughout the day!

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