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Now that the holiday seasons are here, which video games are you going to hunker down and enter your man cave with? If you are a run and gun man, then you will love this list of must-get FPS games to tide you through the coming winter.

Battlefield 1


EA and DICE has outdone itself once again. Battlefield 1 is a masterpiece that in my personal opinion, revived the Battlefield series. FPS games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, just like the iPhone, has given us nothing much, year after year since they first traversed into modern shooters. This walk back to World War 1 is filled with realistic combat scenarios, a heart-wrenching campaign and an all-out warzone in the multiplayer mode. Battlefield 1 has got to be my favourite Battlefield game since Bad Company 2.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


The last respectable Call of Duty made was probably CoD 4: Modern Warfare and CoD 6: Modern Warfare 2. Infinite Warfare, is taking on Battlefield 1 this year in an effort to revive the franchise and its effort is surely commendable. The inclusion of aerial combat was welcome and the ability to select missions in a non-linear fashion was fun. It reminds me of Mass Effect a little actually. Weapons now come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of modifications to keep things interesting and hey, who doesn’t love Jon Snow’s actor as our evil antagonist in the campaign?

Titanfall 2


Finally, Titanfall gets a single player experience and I absolutely loved it. The plot was well-developed to illustrate the bind between pilot and Titan, introducing new players to the Titanfall realm, which made it easier for second-gen players to transition into this blockbuster experience. Waging war as a mech and as a supersoldier was fun, and it kind of felt like a Call of Duty + Mech kind of game, but I had a blast anyway. It seems to have taken the best out of CoD and Hawker to give you a killer FPS.



It’s like DotA or LoL, except its a first-person shooter experience. Really, Overwatch is pretty much the game of the year. Whether you play it or watch people playing it, if you are a true gamer, you’ll learn to love it. Choosing from an array of 22 shooters and mastering each one of them takes skill. To truly understand Overwatch, you’re going to have to dedicate hours and hours of hard work to learn not only strategy, but hone your shooting skills as well. All the heroes require you to have ninja-like fingers, but trust me, the heroes are so remarkably different to the extent that this game will really keep you on edge for hundreds of hours.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided


Technically, this is a hybrid between a first-person shooter, and a third-person shooter. In fact, there are some RPG elements included as well. In this installment of DE, mankind is, as the title suggests, divided. Pure humans are rising against the Augmented. Choose your allies well and navigate the treacherous battlefield or risk it all. With the elements of an FPS game, role-playing scenarios and multiple dialogue options, Deus Ex epitomises the true single-player experience for first-person shooters. There is no set way to play this game and that’s what makes it so fun. Refuse to shoot your way through the endgame, use stealth and intellect instead. The sheer variety of options you have to complete this game makes Deus Ex a joy to play.

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