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Top 3 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office used to dominate all productivity apps and programs in the past. This monopoly, or rather, empire they created for themselves has given them the opportunity to push up prices on their software, that you have to buy or risk losing your job. It is that serious. However, in the last couple of years, several free softwares have popped up, and they seem to do Office’s job just fine despite having no measurable impact on your wallet.

Google Docs (Sheets, Slides etc)

Google’s comprehensive suite of productivity software is superb. Google Docs, is truly a Microsoft Word rival to be reckoned with. Think of it as a dialled down version of Word, with far fewer capabilities, but much easier to use on-the-go. You can use it cross platform, on Android, Windows, iOS and Mac. It’s lightweight build makes it one of the simplest mobile suites to use. Collaborating with teammates is nothing but a breeze on docs, sheets and slides. If I had to choose 1 single productivity suite to use in a team collaboration project, I can’t think of anything else other than Google Docs.


Branching off way from OpenOffice, LibreOffice is also a cross-platform tool that can be used across Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s interface is more sophisticated than Google’s suite, it appears more like Window’s Office and definitely has most of the features Office has too.

The 3 tools LibreOffice has, Writer – Word, Calc – Excel, Impress – PowerPoint are excellent tools that are touted to have the same full power of Office, supporting all Microsoft compatibility and ODF as well. It actually does better than Office with an extensive list of file extensions it can work with and even has added support for Apple Keynote 6!

WPS Office

You probably know this from your Android smartphone. WPS Office, that seems to be come installed in plenty of Android devices, has a PC version as well. WPS Office is best used as a personal tool if you are intending to use the free version. It works well for individuals and students. Business users who wish for extra features might want to consider getting the paid version.

WPS Office has a huge presence on the Android market, and it’s simple interface is surprisingly feature-packed. The ability to format nearly anything, change and alter paragraph layout seamlessly, and navigate incredibly easily when you’re writing really long reports is very useful, especially when you are working on the go with your smartphone as well.

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