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Top 10 Deals from Challenger Funan DigitaLife Mall Closing Down Sale


If you haven’t already heard, local consumer electronic giant Challenger’s Funan DigitaLife store is having a massive closing down sale. You might think that it is just like any other sale with prices cut by a mere 20% or 30%? Well, here’s where it gets exciting because Challenger has really slashed prices of up to 80% for some gadgets that are available in limited quantities and only at their Funan DigitaLife store.

Before you make your trip down, here are our top 10 picks from this sale!


1) 80% off!

1. challengerfunann

Valore’s Apple iPhone 6 3000mAh powercase is retailing for $29 (original $129). In-house brand Valore has its prices slashed by up to 80% – no we really aren’t kidding around.

2) Half-price SkullCandy, where to find?

2. challengerfunan

Cool earphones too expensive? No problem! Get your SkullCandy earphones for as low as $33.95 with enough money left for tomorrow!


3) Huh? Digital camera for $89?

3. challengerfunan

A 30% discount was imposed on a wide range of cameras which includes DSLRs, compact cameras and even the handy action cameras. But we found this that went almost half priced! Only $89 for an action camera, pretty decent.


4) Smartphones from $49. Same price as army (non-camera) phone.

4. challengerfunan

One of our picks is the ASUS ZenFone 2 packed with a 5.0” HD Display, 1.6GHz Dual-Core Processor and amazing camera functions is now retailing for $69 (original $138). If ASUS is not your go-to brand, there are other Smartphones are also going for up to 50% off retail value.


5) Discount on Apple products? Never heard of before.

iPAD on Clearance (APR 2016) -FC_

This is a rarity, for anyone who knows Apple will know their gadgets pretty much never go on sale. So if you are looking to get your hands on the that iPad, this might be the chance to get it for a slightly cheaper price tag! The discount is applicable to iPad Mini, Mini 3 and Air.


6) Better prices than computer shows.


It needs little introduction, the Seagate Central come in three variants, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB. Prices of which are slashed by almost $100 for the 4TB variant that now retails for $229 instead of $329.


7) Getting a notebook just to watch korean drama

7. challengerfunan

Need something for your family to watch korean drama or Netflix? Now you can grab one for just $299 (original $499). The Acer Aspire ES1-131 is basic laptop with specifications that include 1.3” HD display, Intel Quad-Core, 2GB RAM and 500GB, a good entry level laptop for basic Internet surfing and Candy Crushing.


8) So many expensive trackers to choose from. Choose something with 65% discount.

8. challengerfunan

If you are looking for a simple wearable, there is this one special deal that even we got our eye on – Sony’s SWR10 Smart A1 Activity Tracker which is going for just $48 (original $138). Discounts go as high as 30% for fitness wearables with other brands like Jawbone and Pebble.


9) High powered, small size, HUGE discount

9. challengerfunan

Enough to power your iPhone 6s at least 2.5 times, Valore’s Pebble 5000mAh battery pack now retails for $19.90 instead of $89.90. You could buy 4 of them and still have change left after the discount.


10) The Winner.

11. challengerfunan

We chose these to be our top pick because we just used too much keyboard in office or on the go. $25 bucks for a Valore Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is just amazing, way better than random cheap wireless keyboards bought online (we’ve tried before).


Well, if you are already a Challenger ValueCard Member, then you are in for the best deals. If not, you can still grab limited discounts down at Chellenger Funan DigitaLife Mall that aren’t shared online. Still looking for more reasons to head down? Why not take a look at the other deals Challenger’s Funan DigitaLife Mall has here.

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