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Coming first to Google’s Pixel phones, the company’s mobile operation in its tenth iteration has dropped its sweet naming convention.

Designed to better support latest-generation foldable and 5G devices, Android 10 also focuses on privacy, security and user experience improvements.

1. (Better) Gesture Navigation

With shrinking bezels, more prominent displays demand a more fluid and modern method of interaction – and to eliminate the need for constant navigation buttons at the bottom of handsets.

It’s basically exactly the same as on iOS with the newer iPhone X, Xs, and XR phones. Simply drag up to pull up the home screen, swipe from the left edge of the device to go backwards, and swipe horizontally on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to move between apps.

Dragging from the left edge goes backwards. Image: Google

2. Live Caption

We’ve all been in the awkward situation where we’re unable to understand videos and voice messages without either annoying the whole case or fishing out our tangled earphones. 

Live Caption allows everyone to understand the content of videos, podcasts and audio messages without pulling out their earphones. Image: Google

That’s history with Live Caption, which will automatically caption videos, podcasts and audio messages with a single tap- a feature also perfect for those with hearing limitations.

Speaking of hearing limitations, Android 10 will also come with Sound Amplifier baked in. Perfect for those with hearing limitations, Sound Amplifier allows users to either boost or cut out environmental sounds with just their mobile phones and a pair of earphones.

3. Dark Theme

After the resounding reception of Dark Mode on iOS 13 (which will very soon come out of public beta), it is little wonder that Google will also offer such a highly demanded feature.

Dark theme not only turns Android into a dark interface, but also provides a unified dark experience across native Android apps. Image: Google

Dark Theme on Android 10 brings a more unified dark experience across native Google apps like Photos and Calendar. With a darker interface, viewing comfort in dark situations will be improved, along with battery life, especially on OLED displays.

4. Smart Reply

Available across all popular messaging apps, Smart Reply intelligently recognises addresses, links and other content and suggests actions accessible at your fingertips without the hassle of copying and pasting links.

Messages with addresses or other actionable content can be easily accessed with smart suggestions within the notification bubble. Image: Google

5. Security Updates

Without the same OS update adoption rates iOS has, Google seems to have prioritised pushing security and privacy fixes to users who need them the most. To do so, Google has packed these more minor updates and will be sending them through the Google Play Store, just like any other app update.

6. Family Link

In line with Google’s push toward a more holistic approach, Family Link works alongside Digital Wellbeing as a tool for parents to set screen time limits, bedtime and app time limits for their children.

They can also review the apps that their children install on their phones, along with their usage statistics, and even monitor their location for greater peace of mind.

Parents will also be able to monitor the location of their children for their safety. Image: Google

7. Focus Mode

Also part of the Digital Wellbeing interface, users can silence specific apps they find distracting by simply activating Focus mode.

Productivity will get a boost with Focus mode, which allows users to pre-set a group of apps to silence notifications when activated. Image: Google

8. Location Settings

In a greater effort to safeguard against malicious apps, Android 10 will now allow users to only share location with apps they choose. In addition, the system will now issue notifications when unused apps are still accessing location data so that users can make informed decisions about the information they share.

From locations, web and app activity, and ad targetting – Android 10 will allow users to control the information they share in a simple interface. Image: Google

9. Web Privacy

In an easy-to-access console in the settings menu, users can now control their Web & App Activity and Ad Settings without any hassle.

10. Improved Notifications

Users will now be able to exercise greater control over the notifications they receive, and will have the option to receive them silently or to exclude them from appearing on the lock screen.

Ian Ling
Ian is the resident Tech Monkey and Head of Content at VR Zone. His training in Economics and Political Science is at the basis of his love for journalism and storytelling. A photographer by passion, and an audiophile by obsession, Ian is captivated by all forms of tech that makes enthusiasts tick.

One thought on “Top 10 Android 10 Features, Ranked

  1. Brian

    1. I will never use.
    2. I will never use.
    3: Maybe i will try it.
    4. I will never use.
    5. Yes please.
    6. I will never use.
    7. I will prefer a override mode to delete any APP on the phone i choose,and the ones i do keep i dont need any focus on or notifications from.
    8. Will use, but as i said above prefer to delete APPs i dont use, and that should take care of most of that risk.
    9. Maybe i will try it.
    10. Sound good though i dont really need it, and makers will probably ruin it with their own GUI on top of A10

    At least 80 % of the apps on my Mi9 phone i want to delete, so much xiaomi and google stuff i will never use, and it annoy me thats it is there.
    My phone should get A 10 soon, it is in beta for the Chinese users, but no word on when it reach global models.

    I should have gotten a smaller / slower / cheaper phone with a clean OS so its just the google stuff to annoy me.

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