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Tizen’s store gets shown off on video

Samsung’s home-grown Tizen operating system is showing no signs of slowing down. A video demo of its app store  launching later this year has surfaced online and it doesn’t look too shabby.


For those with bad memories, Samsung has been semi-quietly working on their own mobile operating system named Tizen. When you’re making an OS that has to compete with the likes of Android or iOS, one thing you definitely need is a store to sell apps and other content. The store is expected to launch later this Summer and a video walkthrough of it shows good progress on that front.

The app store itself doesn’t feature anything that separates it much from the competition.  It has your typical layout and organization of applications based on promos, popularity, or pricing. One amusing aspect is that rather than “Install” or “Download” on the application page all you see is a button to “Get” the app, which does display the playfulness that the overall OS does seem to be trying to convey.

With the first Tizen smartphones shipping later this year and now an app store that looks like it’s ready for the big stage.  Only time will tell how hard Samsung pushes the OS and how serious they are about using it to compete, which of course would conflict with Android considering Samsung is the biggest Android manufacturer by far.  Check out the video demo of the below:

Source: Tizen.gr Via: liliputing

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