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Apart from Battlefield 1 and COD Infinite Warfare, Titanfall 2 is pretty much the game to watch out for this fall in 2016. Continuing the brilliance of its predecessor, Titanfall 2 now has a single player campaign to complete the titan-hopping experience. The combination of traditional gun-running and revolutionary mech-fighting comes together congruently to redefine what first-person shooters are all about.



Titanfall’s first attempt to create a single-player experience was an overall success in my opinion. The plot of the single-player campaign was not without its flaws, but it definitely made the 8 hours of single-player adventure worth the time.

The plot hinges heavily on the link between a pilot and a Titan, as Rifleman 3 Cooper makes the transition from being just a regular infantry trooper to a highly-respected Titan pilot. Alongside his new friend, BT the Titan, they go behind enemy lines, fend off hordes of enemies and hostile Titans, save each other’s asses out of the line of fire and never say die. The bond between man and mech was developed very well by EA, personifying Titans in a way that would make you think twice on whether AIs have a capacity for emotional connections.



By Zayne Seah
By Zayne Seah

I loved how Titanfall 2 felt in the single-player. It’s more than a run and gun experience. It’s a run, jetpack, titan-hop, do more parkour and shoot everything kind of experience. Titanfall 2 really feels as if Call of Duty, Hawken and Mirror’s Edge had a love-child. In fact, it takes all of the strongest points of these games and blends them into one epic title. Drawing from Call of Duty’s fast-paced shooting style, Hawken’s immersive mech-fighting gameplay and Mirror’s Edge’s smooth free-running movement controls, Titanfall 2 makes you feel more like a super-soldier or rather ninja, than other games will.

By Zayne Seah
By Zayne Seah

Titanfall 2’s gameplay isn’t purely linear, in a sense that you don’t just shoot your way to victory every single mission. In some missions, you’ve got to defeat enemy Titan bosses, in others, you have to parkour your way across strange terrains, where horrible architecture is more of an enemy than SMGs and assault rifles. The variety of missions in the single-player made Titanfall an interesting game that doesn’t get boring as time goes by. I particularly loved engaging in a firefight across moving platforms, having to jump from one platform to another in a factory or risk getting crushed and flung around like a ragdoll.

 By Zayne Seah
By Zayne Seah

Combat was pretty fn as well. Mech fights never got boring with the variety of load outs you could use, from using heavy machine guns, to thermite grenade launchers. Each loadout having their unique defense and offense capabilities. The chance to switch out your Titan loadout during combat certainly helped you adapt to each situation better.

By Zayne SeahBy Zayne Seah

Fighting as an infantry trooper isn’t too innovative, but it feels similar to Call of Duty style game plays. You have your usual assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs and innovative energy weapons to play with, which added the futuristic touch to modern-style FPS. It’s definitely still fun to play in my humble opinion.

By Zayne Seah
By Zayne Seah

Movement is one of Titanfall 2’s most prominent part of the gameplay. Double jumping, sliding and running across walls are just part and parcel of the everyday life of a Titan pilot. Jumping across ledge and punching people with the might of your jetpack never gets old. Now, you have this cloaking tech to give you the additional edge in the battlefield, but to be honest, it’s quite rudimentary and the cloaking duration is too short for much use other than to get out of danger when you’re at the brink of death.




Titanfall 2’s single player has lived up to my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a pilot. I have yet to try out the multiplayer segment, but I expect it to be just as good, if not better. If you are looking for something more than your traditional run of the mill FPS games, give Titanfall 2 a shot.

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