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This Tiny Game Boy Fits on your Keychain

A hacker has created the world’s smallest Game Boy.


Nintendo’s original Game Boy was an iconic handheld. While there was a time when almost every kid wanted one, it did have a few drawbacks. For one, it was quite bulky; not the kind of device you could fit easily into your pocket. Over the years, newer versions of the portable console have tried to shrink it down a bit, including the Game Boy Pocket andthe Game Boy Micro. None of them come close to what hacker Sprite_TM has accomplished, however. As part of the Hackaday 2016 SuperConference, Sprite_TM has created a fully functional Game Boy so small that it fits easily on a keychain.

The hacker explains that he was inspired to create the console after he found a tiny Game Boy keychain-clock. The clock could display the time, but not much else, and Sprite_TM decided that the only way to do the Game Boy justice would be to create a keychain sized device that actually worked like the original.

The ironic thing is that in many ways, the hacker’s console, despite being so small, actually surpasses the original. Granted, the original Game Boy has a resolution 160×144, while Sprite_TM’s Game Boy is stuck at 96×64. However, while the Nintendo classic’s screen was a dull green and black, the keychain version features a full color OLED display. It runs off an ESP32 chip, which also features built in WiFi so games can be transferred to the device (no cartridges this time around!).

Sprite_TM had to play around with the device a bit in order to get it to run a Game Boy emulator, GNUboy, on such limited hardware. At the end of the day though, the mini-handheld not only runs Game Boy games, but even DOOM. The hacker will release more details on his build soon, but until then, you can check out his talk at Hackaday 2016 below.

source: Hackaday

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