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Tim Cook: C stands for mid-tier, not cheap

Contrary to what some (or most) may believe about the iPhone 5C, Tim Cook himself has publicly placed a stamp on the product by saying that C stands for mid-tier and not ‘cheap.’


During the company’s earning call, Cook said that Apple is “selling the iPhone 5C as sort of a mid-tier offer” and that the ‘entry-level’ device is actually the 4S.

“Our goal is to have overall growth for all iPhone, but also growth within each of those categories… I realize that some people were reading rumors that the entry phone would be the 5C, but that was never our intent.  Our entry iPhone is the iPhone 4S,” said Cook.

In terms of internal specs, the 5C undoubtedly packs more punch than the 4S.  Apple, however, did not do a great job when it came to marketing its ‘plastic-y’ iPhone.  The majority of Apple’s mobile products in recent years leading up to the 5C were intertwined with the company’s motto of pursuing a ‘premium’ feel.  How Apple has managed to change what is viewed as premium may have come back to haunt the firm now that its vast followings are expecting premium to feel more ‘metallic.’

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