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Throwable camera helps warn of dangers

A company known as Bounce Imaging is developing a new, throwable camera which can help with finding dangers and letting the user know via a mobile device.

Bounce Imaging have been developing a new device; a small ball outfitted with an array of cameras and sensors, to warn of dangers wherever it's thrown. When deployed, it rolls to a stop, and then a series of six cameras with infra red lights construct a panorama of the area around it. The device also takes measurements such as temperature and oxygen levels in the area. All of this information is then transmitted to a mobile device and will give the user invaluable information on what to expect around the next corner.


The developers of the camera ball, both of whom are alumni of MIT, have stated that the device is still a prototype and that further testing and development is needed. Still, they expect it to have far-reaching application, in everything from search and rescue to military operations. Though no price has been speculated on yet, the ball will be cost efficient and will provide an alternative to traditional fiber optic "snake cams" used by first responders today.

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