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THQ’s Chief Financial Officer resigns

THQ has been having some serious financial problems, and today, their CFO Paul Pucino resigned. Replacement candidates are being evaluated.

THQ, the studio which developed Metro 2033 and the Saints Row series, is in serious financial trouble. There's been talk of liquidation, and a $50 million loan default has caused Wells Fargo to seek charges against the company, though they have agreed to delay these charges until January 15 of next year. In addition, several games, including Metro's sequel "Last Light" and the new South Park game, have been delayed.

Metro 2033's future looks almost as grim as THQ's


The latest news involving THQ is that their Chief Financial Officer, Paul Pucino has resigned after four years, and that the studio is looking into finding a replacement among various candidates, though they haven't specified who these candidates may be. They've also stated that they are in negotiations with a potential financial sponsor, though again, no names have been dropped. The size of the financial support has not been disclosed either. THQ is cautioning that  there's no guarantee that an agreement will even be met.


THQ has been around since 1989, and has a long history of game development. It's always sad to see when things are looking grim for a long standing studio, but perhaps this financial backer will pull through, and we'll see plenty of more games from them.

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