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This is what Intel’s first CPU cooler for Skylake looks like


With the Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K, Intel decided to not bundle stock CPU coolers, stating that the enthusiast users the processors are catered for will use third-party cooling solutions. That doesn’t mean that the vendor isn’t coming up with any new designs of its own, and Japanese publication Akiba PC Hotline spotted the cooler, dubbed the Intel Thermal Solution TS15A. The air cooler is available for sale in the country for ¥5162 ($41.5), a hefty sum considering alternatives like the Scythe Mugen Max or Cryorig H7 are sold in the same price bracket.

TS15A 1

The high price may be warranted considering that the TS15A is the largest air cooler Intel produced thus far, with the CPU cooler even larger than the TS13A that was designed for Core i7 Extreme CPUs. The TS15A features a copper base, with a heatpipe nestled inside a aluminium fin stack.

TS15A 2

The promotion material states that the cooler uses 4-pin pulse width modulation (PWM), is tested for rugged use, and comes with a three-year warranty.

Intel TS15A

As the image above illustrates, the TS15A is at least twice as large as the stock cooler bundled with LGA1150 processors. The fan on the TS15A seems to be a 90mm offering, which may suggest that the fan won’t be as efficient as the larger 120mm fan-based models on offer.  Given the retail price, it is unlikely we’ll see the cooler bundled with Skylake processors, although Intel may review that decision for the Extreme line.

Source: KitGuru

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