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This is the HTC One M9, in all its familiar yet refined glory (pics and videos)

It’s almost futile at this point to even hold the scheduled pre-MWC introduction event, with so many rock-solid visual leaks.

HTC One M9

Poor HTC, they’re close to doing everything right with One M8’s highly anticipated sequel, and can’t really savor the moment on account of all these connected tipsters who’ve spoiled the surprise.

Pictured a number of times in hazy pre-production prototype form, the One M9, aka Hima, recently showed its final, polished curves and sides in press-friendly high quality. No detail was left out, and no angle was missed.

But if you wanted to see more, we have more. Another pair of promotional renders, and… three commercial vids. The mother of all leaks, it of course originated on the Twitter feed of notorious HTC insider @upleaks.

HTC One M9-2

Reportedly pressured by someone powerful enough to have leverage on the anonymous whistleblower, this ultimately cracked and pulled the original YouTube clips. But it didn’t take long for a bunch of mirrors to pop up, and right now, the ads can be viewed no problem.

Combined into one half-silent 220-second video, they focus on the neat camera tricks up the 5 incher’s sleeve, as well as several Sense 7.0-specific features. Aesthetically, there’s no longer any doubt – the M9 is awfully similar to the M8, but overall improves elegance and slims down bezels, ditching the Duo Camera gimmick for a single, beastly 20 megapixel rear snapper.


The front shooter, allegedly endowed with a 4 Ultrapixel sensor, is located near one of the handheld’s corners, next to the top BoomSound speaker grill. Speaking of, audio is only one of the departments HTC is looking for vast enhancements.

Under the hood, the M9 will most definitely pack an octa-core 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor, backed by 3 generous gigs of RAM. Then you have a hearty 2,900 mAh battery, at least 32 GB internal storage, and microSD support. Such a shame the 5-inch Super LCD3 screen is tipped to sport underwhelming (by 2015 standards) Full HD resolution. But hey, that’s what the One M9 Plus is for.

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