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This is most likely how the ‘slightly curved’ LG G4 will look from every angle

It’s not the “radical” redesign tipped of late, but it’s a gorgeous cross between the G3 and G Flex 2.


Samsung started from scratch in the construction department with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, HTC almost unnoticeably polished One M8’s look for the M9, and it appears LG went for the middle ground. Their soon-to-be G4 should retain G3’s design language, and refine it by adding a sprinkle of G Flex vibe on top.

According to @OnLeaks, a new kid on the Twitter insider block that we’re familiar with from French website Nowhere Else, G4’s front panel is “slightly curved.” As is S6 Edge’s case, we’re talking a cosmetic innovation here rather than something meant to substantially improve the device’s functionality.

Meanwhile, we don’t expect the self-healing back cover magic to extend to LG’s mainstream flagship line just yet. If these leaked press renders are the real deal (and they sure look the part), G4’s rear closely resembles its predecessor’s, with brushed plastic made to evoke metal.

LG G4 back

On the plus side, this suggests the next-gen G high-ender will preserve its now rare user-removable battery and microSD support. The physical buttons are where we’ve begun to expect them, and stylish as ever, and a vast camera hump alludes to a massive megapixel and OIS upgrade. Let the PureView-rivaling technology come to us!

The profile image shows a waist roughly 1 mm thicker than that of the G3, so clearly, LG is one of the last Android Mohicans preoccupied with sheer battery capacity, not just processor frugality and energy consumption software optimizations.

LG G4 profile

Finally, bezels look pretty much as razor-thin as last year, so a screen-to-body ratio north of 75 percent is definitely in the cards. Speaking of, the G4 is probably the same display size as its forerunner, or ever so slightly smaller, at 5.3 – 5.5 inches. With 2K or 3K resolution.

Unfortunately, you have to keep in mind there are no guarantees the renders are legit, and their own “discoverer” called them “early” and “non final.”

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