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This is how Apple might let people test in-ear headphones

Cleanliness is key.


It’s tricky to allow people to test in-ear headphones. There are obvious sanitary issues involved which one does not face with over-ear headphones. This is the reason why Apple doesn’t let customers try in-ear headphones in its stores even though customers can get their hands on and fully experience all of the over-ear headphones the company sells. Recent reports have suggested that Apple is coming up with a way to get rid of this problem.

Macotakara, a well known Japanese publication, has published a picture of what’s claimed to be the kit that Apple will use to allow customers to test in-ear headphones. The kit includes three Beats models, one from Bose and two from other companies. Apple’s EarPods are surprisingly not included in this kit.

The report says that tips will be available in this kit with different sizes which customers can easily use to test the in-ear headphones. Once they are done they can either choose to keep the tips or throw them away. Used tips will not be reused so the next customer will still be able to test those headphones without having to worry about sanitary issues or feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing.

Apple has not revealed as yet when it will finally allow customers to test in-ear headphones at its retail stores around the world.

Source: Macotakara

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