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Today we take a look at Thermaltake’s latest desktop case, the Tsunami. With Thermaltake a relatively new player in the enclosure industry, is their newest case worthy of your next system? Come and take a look…


The computer industry is one where change is constant; companies are here today and gone tomorrow, and a place where ideas are often "borrowed" and re-spun. This is ever so true in the enclosure markets, where if an idea is successful, it will surely be copied in one form or another. Two years ago every company, including Cooler Master, Antec, and even Thermaltake made their own renditions of Alienware’s high end desktop case.

A more recent trend in the case industry has been in a wave like front bezel, as was first introduced with Cooler Master’s Wave Master case. Today we’ll be looking at the Thermaltake Tsunami, Thermaltake’s vision of what a wave-shaped based case should look like. The name of the case is even similar to the Wave Master, with a tsunami of course a huge wave.

However, when closely examined, there are many features that set the Tsunami apart from the Wave Master. Is it worth of your next computer system? Come and take a closer look…


13.2 lbs
Drive Bays
4 exposed 5.25"
2 exposed 3.5"
5 hidden 3.5"
Expansion Slots
Motherboard Type
Extended / Stnadard / Micro ATX
None Included
Top mounted Firewire, 2x USB 2.0, speaker and mic
2 x 120mm
1 x 80mm
Silver and Black

Package Contents:

•User Manual
•Tsunami case badge
•Shining cloth
•Drive mounts

The Tsunami’s bundle is pretty standard, with the exception of an included shining cloth. This is a nice addition to the package just because the Tsunami is highly reflective and shows finger prints and other marks very easily, with the cloth allowing you to clean the case up whenever you need.

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