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Thermaltake Commander MS-I case review

In order to assess the thermal performance of the case we will be using our Integrated Casing Torture Test (ICTT) system to take readings over a period of one and a half hour. All of the case fans are operating at their maximum speed during the test and both side panels are closed. The exhaust temperature probe was placed above the rear fan of the case.





The thermal performance of the Commander MS-I is unsurprising and, as anybody would expect from a case with only one quiet fan installed, nothing more than mediocre. The many ventilation holes do help but the system struggles to cope with the massive heat load that our ICTT creates after only a few minutes, resulting to considerably high system temperatures. The Commander MS-I would be able to handle the heat generation of a simple gaming system with one strong GFX card just fine but it certainly is not designed to cope with the heat generation of multi-GPU systems; at least not without installing several extra cooling fans.

The acoustics performance of the Thermaltake Commander MS-I case is exceptional, because it only has a single and quiet cooling fan which cannot generate too much noise by itself anyway. The fan of the Thermaltake Commander MS-I case generates 30.6dB(A) while running at its maximum speed, noise that it will be easily overrun by two mechanical drives or by a common GPU cooler. It should not be loud enough to bother most users but the option to reduce the speed of the fans down to half is available, at which setting the sound coming from the case fans becomes almost unnoticeable in a quiet room.

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