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Thermaltake Commander MS-I case review

The rear of the Commander MS-I is relatively simplistic, yet it uncovers two interesting things about the low priced case; first, the entire chassis of the Commander MS-I is black and second the power supply bay is placed at the bottom of the case, both features unlikely to find with any other similarly priced product.

The expansion card covers are all held into place with a single metallic bar held into place with a single screw. To add/remove cards, you only need to remove the screw and take out the metallic bar. You can secure cards individually using common M3 screws as well. Only the bottom and top PCI covers are reusable, which are also vented. Interestingly enough, this case also has two watercooling hose holes. There are no rubber grommets covering them and if you are planning to install hoses larger than you pinky finger you need to forcefully remove the metallic rings which doubles the diameter of the holes.

The left side panel of the Commander MS-I case is part of the overall futuristic theme, with an embossed metallic sheet and an asymmetric window panel of straight lines and sharp edges. There are ventilation holes above the expansion cards area but no fan slot.

The right side panel is not left plain either, with Thermaltake continuing their futuristic design of straight lines and sharp edges by simply embossing the metal sheet. 

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