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Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Case Review

Quality (30% of the total score)                                                            

Undoubtedly, the Armor Revo Snow Edition is a well-designed case of high quality. The steel structure of the case is very sturdy, while the quality of the plastic parts is above the average standard.  We could simply say that this case lives up to its name, being durable as a part of armor. That does not mean that everything about the Armor Revo Snow Edition is indestructible though, as the plastic parts can handle only a certain level of abuse. For example, the headphones hanger will easily hold the weight of the heaviest headphone set ever made and then some, yet it will not withstand a forceful downward blow or the weight of an entire arm. Of course such small parts cannot be designed with the ability to handle any kind of physical abuse; at least not on a commercial product.

Quality Score 9.0/10


Performance (30% of the total score)

We feel that the thermal performance of the Armor Revo Snow Edition will leave no enthusiast and overclocker disappointed, even without adding any more cooling fans. Thermaltake designed this case to be able to handle high end gaming systems, thus the Armor Revo can easily cope with the thermal load of today’s high performance computers. Even though the brute force of the large cooling fans works well when the case has to deal with a thermal load, the fans generate a significant level of noise when running at maximum speed. Even at low speed, the air pressure generates an audible hum which may not be a problem for most users but would trouble those deeply concerned about the acoustics performance of their systems.

Performance Score 8.5/10


Aesthetics (30% of the total score)

Aesthetics may be a subjective matter but the unique design and theme of the Armor Revo Snow Edition is perhaps the major selling point of this case. With its high contrast black and white theme and the futuristic design, the Armor Revo Snow Edition is definitely a unique product like no other. Enthusiasts who are tired of the black and silver cases (and perhaps Apple lovers too) will certainly enjoy the different appearance of this case. However, due to the bright color of the Armor Revo Snow Edition, the fan openings on the side and top panels of the case draw a lot of attention and create a negative visual effect.

Aesthetics Score 9.0/10


Value (10% of the total score)

We found the Armor Revo Snow Edition retailing for about 175 USD / 225 SGD at the time of this review. Although that is far too high a price to compete in the high value for money category, the price is reasonable for an enthusiast grade enclosure with the number of features the Armor Revo Snow Edition has to offer. Let us not forget the unique appearance of this case as well, which is bound to draw the attention of enthusiasts and modders all by itself.

Value Score 9.0/10

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