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Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Case Review

Most of the case’s bottom has been perforated to allow the PSU to draw cool air from the bottom of the case and for the installation of the optional 120mm fan. A metallic bar is being used to lock the PSU into place, which can be installed in the appropriate holes to accommodate power supplies of any length; however, a PSU too long will block the installation of the optional bottom 120mm intake fan.

The six 3.5” trays are blue with black locking hinges. The installation of drives is toolless, with the drive being locked inside the tray using simple plastic pins. These trays can accommodate 2.5” drives as well but they will have to be screwed onto the tray.

The four 5.25” devices are being locked with plastic locking mechanisms as well but they can be secured with screws if necessary.

Our ICTT system fits inside the Armor Revo Snow Edition effortlessly, leaving plenty of room to work and to route cables. Long PCIe cards of up to 33cm in length will fit inside the case and will not be blocked by the drives. Although the installation of a system inside such a case is a very easy job, perfectionists are bound to spend a significant amount of time in order to optimize routing and conceal the cables.

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