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See how the PS4 regulates heat with these thermal images

One gamer was curious how much heat the PS4 puts out during any given time, and took up a FLIR camera and pointed it at the console to sate his curiosity.

PS4 thermal2
The PS4 running the new 1.50 update shortly after unboxing.

Any console gamer is well aware of the unwelcome specter of overheating. Most systems regulate heat well, but over time with regular use electronics lose their cool–quite literally. Heat mitigation has always been an age-old problem for all electronics, and whether you’re dealing with higher-end PC’s or a first-generation PlayStation, heat can do some serious damage.

On the next-gen front, we’ve seen a few reports that indicate the PS4 generates some pretty warm output. One user wanted to gauge the temperatures for himself, and picked up a thermal camera to test it out.

The PS4 after 10-12 minutes of run time.
The PS4 after 10-12 minutes of run time.

Vatche Arabian over at Planet Extech has revealed some pretty interesting visual aids that demonstrates the PlayStation 4’s heat regulation. Using a FLIR E8 Thermal Camera, he snapped a few shots that show how much heat Sony’s next-gen console creates during everyday scenarios like updates, gaming sessions, and standby mode.

The photos also display the PS4’s heat production over time, giving a nice approximation of what gamers can expect with their unit. Some of the pics show the console ranging from about 70º F to 140º F, which is eye-opening to say the least.

The back part of the console as it stands vertically maintained heat after ten minutes of Killzone.
The back part of the console as it stands vertically maintained heat after ten minutes of Killzone.

The PS4’s temperatures vary on position–whether it’s vertical or lying flat–and it appears that standing consoles run a bit cooler than those that are flat. Peak horizontal temperatures for the vents range from 138º F to 140º F, whereas vertical peak temps are around 126º F.

Furthermore the vents of the PS4 will always be hotter, whereas the top runs cooler. Vatche also reveals that after three hours of playing, the temperatures stay around the same range as thirty minutes in.

“Been playing for over 3 hours now, with the PS4 comfortable in my home theater cabinet in its flat position. The Playstation remains a little under the temperature it was when I was around 30 minutes in, which is around ~133ºF/56ºC.”

PS4 Hot
Horizontal positions seem to generate more heat, but as always it depends on what games/apps are running.

It will be interesting to the full range of the PS4’s temperatures, as in different games, apps and other software running on the system. These photos bring a curious scene involving Sony’s PS4 torture tests and how how those consoles must have gotten during their grueling paces.

Be sure to check out the full thermal gallery for all the infrared snaps, and Vatche promises more shots just like these in the future.

Via Planet Extech

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