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There’s a Contra easter egg in Battlefield 3

Reddit users have managed to reveal a clever and well hidden easter egg dedicated to Contra in one of the singleplayer maps in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield always comes with a few Easter eggs hidden away in their games, but the one which was just discovered by some people over at Reddit, was certainly obscure and well hidden. The Easter egg can be found in a singleplayer mission near the beginning of the game where you are tasked to follow a wire into a basement, where you find and must disarm an IED.

Here's the IED, with cables sticking out of it


On the table where the IED is sitting, there's a workbench filled with all sorts of electronics, and in the back, leaning against a wall, is an old circuit board. It seems perfectly inconspicuous, but if you take care and look carefully (looking through a scope helps), you'll notice that the board has a sticker with the old Konami logo on it. When redditor vtsteve discovered the logo, he did a little digging around.


A close-up of the circuit board reveals the Konami logo


What he found was that the circuit board was a very specific circuit board. It's the main circuit board from the Super Contra arcade cabinet. Super Contra, for those unaware, is the 1988 sequel to the original Contra.

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