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The Z: The Most Powerful Gaming Mouse Ever Imagined

Move over Razer and Armaggeddon, this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature The Z. Possibly one of the most advanced and sophisticated gaming mouse ever made, The Z gives you a whole new controlled level of gaming.

Image Credit: The Z
Image Credit: The Z

The thing about The Z is that it is intuitive, sensitive and is able to feel how hard or soft each click is, giving you access to 50 programmable functions at literally your fingertips. Ergonomically designed, The Z is built to not only give you control in a game but also with accuracy and precision with every move.

How does The Z do it? Well, it has an accelerometer, gyroscope, force sensor and tactile feedback all built into this one tiny device. This translates into two things. For starters, it is the only mouse in the world which is able to pivot, tilt and roll. Due to this, The Z is able to access controls which were previously thought to be impossible and with minimal movements. In addition to that, The Z is able to read how hard your clicks are and with tactile feedback, it lets you know how hard each click you make is.

The Z GIF 1
Image Credit: The Z

Smartly designed to have additional buttons but within reach, The Z allows you to configure more controls without having to over stretch your fingers. In-built with a new trigger button design, it allows you reach to more commands while still having a full firm grip on the mouse itself.


Technical Specifications

Optical Sensor: 200 – 12,000 DPI

Polling: 1000hz

Buttons: 17

Fast Access Fingertip Button Actions: 50

Total Mappable Button Actions: 80

Pivot and Tilt: Yes

In-Air 6-Axis Movement: Yes

Analogue Force / Deep Click Buttons: 4

OLED Screen: Yes

The Z GIF 4
Image Credit: The Z

Each click or combination of is programmable on The Z, shortcuts and controls are now easier and requires minimal movement, which does help gain an edge over your fellow gamers. Aside from gaming, The Z will work well for designers who need accuracy and precision in their daily work. The only down side of The Z would be that, there are only so many clicks and combinations of clicks you can remember. Having the access to programme over 50 controls is neat, but only limited by how well you can memorise the combinations.

The Z GIF 2
Image Credit: The Z

Availability and Price

Although The Z has just been launched on Kickstarter, it has already been fully funded. However, if you are lucky enough you can still get your hands on it’s “Super Early Bird Special” pledge which is priced at SG$139 (US$187). This pledge includes 1 The Z Mouse, 1 brushed aluminium cube for cord management, 1 gaming mouse mat and additional “Tilt Feet” and “Trigger Buttons” for personalisation. The Z ships internationally at a flat rate of SG$20 (US$15). All orders look to be fulfilled by December later this year – just in time for Christmas!

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