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The UN looks to Minecraft for regeneration projects

Through a project called Block by Block the UN Habitat organization will be joining forces with the video game sensation Minecraft to help people have a voice in how their towns can be changed.

Over the last few days, thanks to the annual conference in Paris, we have been hearing a lot of interesting, and cool, news about the video game sensation Minecraft; and today it was announced that Minecraft-maker Mojang will be collaberating with UN Habitat in a new project called Block by Block.

The idea is to bring the development plans that UN Habitat has for 300 places around the world to 'life' and allow the residents of those areas to take a virtual tour so that they can help decide how those locations will change. People will be able to change the model as a way to help decide how the UN Habitat regeneration money should be spent.

The first place to be modeled using Minecraft as a part of the pilot for the project was the Undugu playground, which is found in the Kibera slum region on the outskirts of Nairobi.

"We'll be putting it into the game so people can walk around and feel like it's as real life as possible," Lydia Winters, community liaison manager at Mojang told the BBC.

The Undugu playground has been recreated by the Minecraft modelling company Fyre UK and soon those who live around the playground will be able to visit it virtually and see what the UN has in mind when it comes to regenerating it.

UN Habitat hopes that by 2016 all 300 areas under consideration for regeneration will be modelled in Minecraft.

Via BBC / Geeks Are Sexy

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