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The Soul of Apple, celebrated in print.


20 years in the making, this book is Apple’s celebration of what Steve Jobs referred to as, ‘The intersection of Technology and the Arts’. And it’s so limited, you can’t even buy it in Singapore!

‘Designed by Apple in California’ is a coffee-table book lovingly printed in custom paper and bound in linen. Vibrant images of Apple’s most iconic products (and their prototypes) made in the last 20 years grace its 300 pages.



You may also admire some never-before seen photos of mystical tools, that had to be designed from scratch to fashion these coveted objects. Instead of tediously explaining the production process in text, Apple has chosen to communicate them in pictorial form. It is like peeking into the forbidden hallways of Sir Ive’s design studio.



Those familiar with Apple’s fanatical chase for perfection know that a book is never just a book. In order to assure that the images printed on these pages retain their lifelike colour, Jony and his team custom developed a special form of ink, a testament to Apple’s deep attention to detail.



If you’re a design student and an Apple fan, this beautiful tome is a no-brainer – but it will cost you! It comes in 2 different sizes and price points. S$284 for Small and S$425 for Large, if you convert directly from USD. You’ll also have to travel to the US and other selected countries to get it – and it may not even be in stock! This book appears to be in very limited production according to Business Insider’s Kif Leswing. Click here to view some pictures taken by him if you’re curious about how the actual book looks. There’s also a list in there detailing which of your favourite Apple products are featured.

Via: Business Insider

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