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The Nokia EOS might be called the Lumia 1020

Nokia’s upcoming camera phone has been running rampant in the rumor mill lately and it seems like everything is finally coming together.  First we got the hardware and now we get a possible name for the device.

NOKIA EOS PureView 8vl

By now I think we all know about the upcoming Nokia EOS which will be a camera phone running the Windows Phone OS and sporting an impressively sized casing. According to popular leakers evleaks, the upcoming Nokia device will be named the Lumia 1020 which marks the first device we know of so far that will make the jump from the 900 range to the 1000s.

The camera phone will pack in a 41 megapixel sensor in a casing that will look largely similar to the Lumia 920 with some obviously added thickness. The name isn’t set in stone but evleaks isn’t often wrong and it does make sense that Nokia would want to retain their Lumia branding rather than start a new line of phones.

You can expect more details on the phone on July 11th at Nokia’s event. Hopefully we get some more details on pricing and availability as well as how it performs.

Source: evleaks Via: GSMarena

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