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The Moon will soon get a webcam

The telescope helped change the scientific world and has allowed hundreds of years worth of astronomers study the universe and work out its mysteries. As time has passed, our telescopes have gotten better, and as recently as last year, telescopes were pointed at the moon to actually look upon the Apollo 11 landing site, and the parts of the lunar lander which still remain on the moon’s surface. For the first time though, we will not be looking at the moon, but from it. A new telescope is about to be sent up there, and we’ll all be able to look through it from our computers.

ku-xlargeThe telescope, named ILO-X, is a joint venture between the International Lunar Observatory Association and Moon Express, and it’s been in development for a while. The telescope has finally been finished and is now slated for a launch to the moon at some point in 2015. The telescope isn’t all that impressive looking; it’s about the size of a shoe box and has a meek 6.4-megapixel resolution, but it was never meant to be the best telescope out there: It’s purpose is to be a telescope anyone can use. It has an internet-based control system which has been tested out here on earth, and when it finally lands on the moon, we’ll be able to access the camera from our computers and control it.

The ultimate goal of the project is to set up an entire remote controlled observatory on the moon’s south pole. Just getting the telescope up there however, will be an accomplishment all its own; when the privately owned Moon Express lands the telescope, it’ll make us all space explorers.

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