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The long-rumored Apple TV set debut isn’t happening this year either

Maybe in 2016… or maybe never.

Apple TV set

Although far from a one-trick pony, the Cupertino-based giant founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak hasn’t really diversified its ventures of late as the fickle and always changing tech landscape favors. Even the stubbornly conservative Microsoft looks ready to take some risks with Windows Holographic software and gigantic Surface Hub all-in-one hardware, while Apple’s only major recent gamble is the “iWatch.”

That is, if you can call a tardy entry into a blooming, futuristic market niche a throw of the dice.

To the despair of its most hardcore fans, which would like nothing more but to see Apple take over the world, the Tim Cook-led outfit seems dead-set on preserving its cautious, often too analytical nature. As such, rumor has it their long-in-development “disruptive” first TV set was quietly shelved more than a year ago.

The why of the equation is extremely simple, according to the always reliable inside sources close to the Wall Street Journal. Cook & co. merely deemed even their most advanced prototype far too similar to competing products.

Apple TV box

Not finding enough ways to make it stand out, Apple called off the project indefinitely. Right now, it’s possible high-res tube R&D will be rebooted soon for a formal announcement, say, at next year’s WWDC. But it’s also possible the device never materializes.

It all depends on the revolutionary technologies the TV business as a whole introduces to stay afloat, as well as the innovations Cupertino can bring to the table. And no, a pixel jump from 4K to 8K doesn’t qualify as revolutionary or innovative. Nor does FaceTime video chatting via your living-room big-screen TV, as Apple found out while exploring different avenues for their now canceled appliance.

As far as the Apple TV digital media player is concerned, the upgrade you’ve been waiting for since early 2013 is reportedly indeed right around the corner. As in, all prepped for a 2014 WWDC debut next month with Siri integration, its own App Store (finally), and a neat touchpad-sporting remote. Well, you at least have that to look forward to, our iDevice-loving friends.

Sources: The Verge, Wall Street Journal

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