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The Last of Us demo available to owners of God of War Ascension


With less than a month away, The Last of Us demo has been unlocked for those who purchased God of War Ascension.

Released back in March of this year, God of War Ascension was a sleeper-hit for Sony and Santa Monica Studios. The Grecian God simulator also had an extra bit of content teased on most copies of the title with a demo of The Last of Us. The upcoming survival title was added to the game in the form of a demo, only to be unlocked today.

If you own a copy of God of War: Ascension, all you need to do is go to the Main Menu of the game and access the demo. From there, you will be transfered to the PlayStation Store to begin your download. The download is only 132MB and the install is just over 2GB, so make sure you have room on your PS3 hard drive to avoid disappointment. The demo takes place in the Outskirts level and features Joel, Ellie and Tess fighting multiple infected as they move through a desolate urban landscape.

The demo is apparently spoiler free from early online impressions, as well as incredibly tense and exciting. We teased some of the trophies earlier this week and we can’t wait to play the title ourselves when it’s released on June 14th exclusively for the PS3.

via Joystiq

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