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The Importance of Audio Clear as Virtual Reality Grows

Leading up to the consumer launch of VR, filmmakers and developers are understanding the incredible importance audio plays in immersing audiences.

Companies such as 3Dio and Subpac are playing unique roles in this space.  Both companies are realizing a boost in sales due to the world of VR and the importance their tools play in giving consumers the best experience.

3Dio, a microphone manufacturer focused on binaural and 360-degree audio, continues to sell hundreds of high-end rigs to capture the most immersive audio possible.

Another audio company, Subpac, is taking low-end sound and making it a tactile experience for the end user.  Wearing their backpack-like system, Subpac allows users to feel the audio, thus adding a sense of immersion for both music and sound effects.

Immersion the single most important factor of VR that sets it apart from any other medium.  These audio companies are playing their part in adding to the most immersive experience possible for the end user, as well as enabling content developers to explore this realm with quality creative tools.

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