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The G4 Note is LG’s 2015 ‘ace in the hole’, sources say

The Koreans already teased the ultra-high-end phablet, although the name and specifications are yet to be confirmed.

LG G3 Stylus

There’s no universally viable recipe for flagship smartphone success. Samsung currently employs a 12-month upgrade cycle for both its top-shelf mobile rosters, HTC has drawn the line at a single new spearhead a year of late, whereas the perennially busy Sony is now looking to let the market dictate its moves instead of the other way around.

LG? After their rumored G Pro 3 cancelation, we figured they’d go the HTC path and settle for just the one new powerhouse in 2015. Ironically, the latest word on the block is both OEMs are planning two-way splits of their high-end affairs this year. Three-way for HTC, if we file the semi-plastic-made but Quad HD screen-sporting One E9 under lead ships.

Now, HTC has a horse in the race already, so clearly, there’s plenty of time and room under the sun for the One M9 Plus. But if LG holds off on G4’s introduction any longer, won’t the mysterious premium spin-off end up cannibalizing optimistically projected sales?


Not necessarily. Reports out of Korea tell us the G4 Note (yes, really) will be aggressively marketed against Samsung’s Galaxy Note family and Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Meanwhile, the standard LG G4 should go for the smaller iPhone 6 and GS6’s jugular, thus explaining the speculated shrink in size to 5.3 inches.

Of course, separating the G4 and G4 Note in the eyes of non-geeky consumers may not be so easy. Stylus support is a good, original distinguishing element, but LG needs more.

Ergo, it’s possible the G4 will break cover in a few weeks with a 2K screen, Snapdragon 810 processor and 3 GB RAM, and the G4 Note shall wait until fall, when it’ll be able to take things to the next level – 3K display, Snapdragon 820 chip, 4 GB memory. In which case there should be no mistaking one for the other.

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