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The future of Sony: PS4 & more unveiled at “See The Future” event [LIVE blog]

The future of Sony is here–jump in for info and updates on the PS4 and everything you need to know about the "See The Future" press event.

Anticipation for Sony's "See The Future" event has been soaring high for the last week, with a multitude of rumors and speculation about the PlayStation 4. Specs, controller designs, and a plethora of other features have been crowding the internet in a frenzy–but now those rumors will be put to the test.

We'll be providing live updates on everything you need to know about Sony's new event, including the PlayStation 4 reveal, Gakai, and more.

Live Updates & Coverage on Sony's See the Future Event


Games revealed during the event:

  • Killzone: Shadowfall (PS4)
  • Infamous: Second Son (PS4)
  • Diablo III (PS3 – PS4)
  • Drive Club (PS4)
  • Watchdogs (showcased, not revealed PS4)
  • Witness (exclusive to PS4)

Highlights of the event with Timestamps:


PS4 aims to focus on development-friendly architecture.

“A platform by game creators for game creators.”

The PS4 will feature a powerful and accessible system with a deep feature set to support the evolution of gaming.

Architecture “like” PC but supercharged.


8GB GDDR5 unified memory. 8 CPU cores.


Digital titles are playable as they are being downloaded.

Hardware to support dedicated always-on video compression and decompression systems.


Browse live gaming video of friends or famous people via social streaming.

Interact with friends via social networks.

Open to third party devices & PS Vita.

Use smartphone to browse game video of gaming matches.


Using Gaikai, you’ll be able to instantly experience any gaming content you want, even as it’s downloading.


Spectating will be a focus via Share button on the PS4 controller–PS4 controller share confirmed.

Partnered with ustream to provide multicasting capabilities.


PS3 titles aren’t natively supported on ps4? Yet Gaikai supports digital streaming of PS3 titles via PSN–gamers can get all the past, present and future games?


Indie game support self-publishing on PlayStation network.


 "30,000 polygons for Beyond game" — David Cage, Quantic Dream.  Immense graphics that were previously only available via CGI.



Every major third party partner that PlayStation has worked with in the past will support PS4–Capcom, SEGA, etc.


New Capcom Engine for PS4 codenamed " Panta Rhei".

Capcom's new IP "Deep Down" uses Panta Rhei engine –medieval fantasy.

Deep Down is being developed concurrently with the Panta Rhei engine.


Diablo 3 announced for PS3 and PS4 by Blizzard.

Multiplatform interactivity between consoles and PC, PaxEast will bring more of Blizzard's PS port.


Activision shows off Bungie's Destiny on the PS4, displays glimpse of in-engine footage.


PS4 coming holiday 2013.

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