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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 2 Feb 2011


In today’s news: review of the Muskin Callisto Deluxe Solid State Drive and G.Skill RipjawsX Sandy Bridge F3-12800 CL7 1600MHz; Asrock cans notebook PCs in favour of Tablets; Apple iPad 2 display leaked; China government introduced a new Gaming Addiction law; and check out the new Resistance 3 Video Preview.

Hardware News

Muskin Callisto Deluxe Solid State Drive

Description: SandForce’s SF-1200 storage controller has already found its way into many of the fastest SSDs available, paving the way for Mushkin to utilizes the SandForce SF-1222TA3-SBH processor in their Callisto Deluxe MLC SSD series.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W Power Supply Review

Description: PC Power & Cooling has always been known for their high quality power supplies, but there have been a small number of changes since OCZ acquired them in 2007. Now PCP&C seems to be getting back to basics with the new Silencer models.

CM Choiix Power Fort 5.5 Review

Description: Choiix, a subsidiary of Cooler Master, has sent us a new gadget called Power Fort 5.5. The Power Fort 5.5 is a small battery device which can recharge different mobile devices whenever additional power is needed.

G.Skill RipjawsX Sandy Bridge F3-12800 CL7 1600MHz Review

Description: With the advent of Sandy Bridge this quarter many enthusiasts will be putting their hard earned cash into building a new Intel Core i5/i7 system. Memory manufacturers have anticipated the launch of the new Sandy Bridge platform by developing ‘Sandy Bridge’ ready kits designed specifically for H67 and P67 chipsets and today we will be taking a look at one such kit.

HighPoint Introduces PCIe SATA 6Gbps Solid State Storage Solutions

Description: HighPoint are announcing new Smart Hybrid HBA products this week in tandem with Marvell. Marvell’s HyperDuo technology is being used, with these PCIe 2.0 / SATA 6Gbps solid state cards offering a single, compact SSD solution on a PCI card.

Consumer Electronics and Software news:

Corsair HS1 Headset Review

Description: With the HS1 Corsair now also offers a high quality headset for gamers. Can the novice convince like the SP2500 speaker set? What are the strengths and the weaknesses of the new headsets.

Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray Player Review

Description: The real thing to point out with the BD-C6900, is that 3D is not where this product ends. With a fully integrated WIFI connection and the additional movie, video and multimedia functionality, this Blu-Ray player is definitely approaching the gray area just before you enter the realm of the Home Theater PC.

Asrock Cans Notebooks in Favour of Tablets

Description: Asrock, a subsidiary of Asustek Computer that sells inexpensive computer components and PCs, last week reportedly decided to can its inexpensive notebooks and this week it revealed that it intends to sell tablet PCs.

Google Says Bing Cheated

Description: Google Inc. accused rival Microsoft Corp. of copying its Internet search results, the latest salvo in the competition between the two technology behemoths.Google made the claim Tuesday after releasing the results of a test it carried out purporting to show how Google’s results for search terms were copied weeks later by Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Report: iPad 2 display leaked

Description: Pictures of the iPad 2’s screen appeared on the Mac repair company iFix Your i’s blog, reportedly showing that the LCD for the second generation is a bit thinner — by about a millimeter.

Gaming news:

Addicted to FarmVille? That’s against the law in China, for some

Description: China’s government is attempting to quell this type of behavior by introducing a new Gaming Addiction law, which orders companies who make online video games to enable parents to monitor their children’s play sessions as well as a way to restrict ‘inappropriate’ video game playing.

Resistance 3 Video Preview

Description: It’s humanity’s last stand as America crumbles under the Chimera invasion. Insomniac’s Resistance 3 mixes up the action and sends you on the run.

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