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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 19 May 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • VIA Technologies has claimed that it has no imeediate intentions to enter the lucrative smartphone and tablet market, in spite of having had years of experience in developing low-power x86 chips for various devices;
  • HIS has released the new HIS 6790 Fan 1GB GDDR5 graphics card which is said to be feature core clock speeds of 850MHz and memory clock speeds of 4200MHz;
  • Microsoft has released a strongly worded statement criticising Intel's comments about the ARM ports currently in development for Windows 8, calling them "inaccurate" and "misleading";
  • Overclockers have achieved yet another world's first with Motorola's XOOM tablet by successfully pushing the tablet's built-in processor to a respectable speed of 1.6GHz, or 100MHz faster than the previous world record of 1.5GHz;
  • Anarchy Reign's release date has been delayed from the intended Q3 2011 time frame to January 2012 instead, and
  • Rockstar Games is apparently blaming Sony's 3.61 firmware update as the cause for PlayStation3 consoles shutting down upon gameplay for its recently-launched title, L.A Noire, although it appears to have backed off from such claims.

Hardware news

ASUS Radeon HD 6870 Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: There is nothing better than a video card that stays fast while it runs cool. There is nothing worse than video lag because your graphics card is too hot. ASUS has come up with an innovative way to try and keep our cards running the way they should. The ASUS Radeon HD 6870 Direct CU Video Card was made with these concerns in mind. Does it live up to our expectations? You are going to have to take a look inside to see.

Toshiba MBF2450RC 450GB SAS HDD Review @ Real World Labs
Description: The latest Toshiba Enterprise class MBF2450RC 2.5 inch SAS hard disk drive is not only power friendly but it also delivers impressive read/write speeds thanks to a rotational speed of 10k thus offering the same performance levels as the best 3.5 inch 7200RPM drives currently available in the market.

ASUS GeForce GTX 560 1GB DirectCU II TOP Video Card Review
Description: I've become quite a fan of the new GTX 560 thanks to the aggressive price tag NVIDIA have chosen to go with. At $199 US it's a fantastic valued card and combined with the fact NVIDIA have let its partners go a little crazy straight away with the model helps make the launch more interesting than others. Today we'll be looking at the ASUS version of the card which carries the DirectCU II label, which we know means we're going to be looking at an awesome cooler while the TOP label that's also present lets us know we're going to have quite the overclock out of the box."

Mobile Monitor Field Monitor Pro 15.4-Inch Portable LCD Monitor Review
Description: With the introduction of the laptop, the mobile office was created. You could take your show on the road and get some serious work done. Of course, you still had some limitations. Even today you have limitations; unless you want to carry around a laptop that weighs 10-15 pounds you are stuck with a small screen size. Fortunately, you do not have to buy a gigantic laptop or one with an extended screen that will cost you an arm and a leg. Mobile Monitor Technologies has something that can help to overcome this limitation; the Field Monitor Pro.

MSI N560GTX Ti Hawk Video Card @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: NVIDIA have completely blown away their previous generation GPU's with the introduction of the GTX 5xx line up and while they are 'good enough' at stock speeds, it's normal for AIB partners to push these GPU's to their limits. MSI have tweaked the GeForce GTX 560Ti to 950MHz GPU / 1050MHz Memory, given it the 'Hawk' moniker, slapped on a Twin Frozr III cooler and sent it out into the wild to show the world what it is made of. Price wise the MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk will obviously set you back more than a reference GTX 560Ti but in return it delivers stellar performance and excellent cooling capability. Benchmark Reviews aims to provide you with an unbiased review of the MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk and report back our findings, keeping you informed on the latest technologies available on the market today.

Via Remains Serious About Low-Power PCs, Uncertain About Ultra Mobile
Description: Via Technologies, once the world's largest supplier of core-logic sets, said that it expected its partners to introduce solutions based on its dual-core and quad-core already in May, 2011. In spite of the fact that the company has been on the market of low-power applications, it does not have immediate intentions to enter the market of smartphones.

HIS 6790 Fan 1GB GDDR5 released
Description: HIS released the HIS 6790 Fan 1GB GDDR5 graphics card, delivering an array of advanced technologies to demanding gamers. Running core clock speeds of 840MHz and memory clock speeds of 4,200MHz, the new model provides dramatic visual and gaming experience at an affordable price. The new model is equipped with AMD’s Eyefinity technology, AMD’s EyeSpeed technology and is second-generation DirectX® 11-ready. The overall configuration delivers spectacular visual and gaming experience, making it the ultimate solution for performance gamers.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Unfazed by Facebook, Google Rolls Out Social Search Globally
Description: Google will roll out its somewhat controversial Social Search feature to 19 more languages next week, the company has announced on its official blog. Launched back in October 2009, Social Search is a feature that combines regular search results with publicly available data created by your friends’ social media activities.

Patriot Memory 32GB LX Pro Class 10 SDHC Card Review @ Bigbruin.
Description: As more and more professional devices are moving to SDHC, having a high end card like the Patriot Memory LX Pro provides the ability for fast speed and response time when taking photos or recording HD video. The comfort of knowing that your card can react as quickly as you can on the moments that count the most is unprecedented.

Eurocom launches line of the most powerful Optimus Notebooks Ever
Description: The Eurocom Optimus line are performance-oriented business and gaming-friendly notebooks based on Intel's Sandy Bridge technology with discrete NVIDIA GT 555M graphics and longer battery life thanks to NVIDIA Optimus™ Technology. NVIDIA Optimus technology intelligently optimizes your notebook PC, providing the outstanding graphics performance you need, when you need it, all the while extending battery life for longer enjoyment. They are built around the Intel Huron River HM 65 platform and support Intel’s mobile line of Sandy Bridge Core i7, i5 and i3 processors.

Microsoft tells Intel to wind neck in on Windows 8
Description: Just after Intel decided to spill the beans on how different versions of Windows 8 will clash with ARM chip architecture, Microsoft has called the comments “inaccurate” and “misleading”.

99% of Android Phones Vulnerable to Data Leak; Google Working on Quick Fix
Description: Researchers in Germany have uncovered a security flaw in Android. Frighteningly, 99 percent of Android users are presently affected, as the flaw hits users who are presently on any version of the OS lower than the most recent 2.3.4 – So basically anyone who doesn't have an updated Nexus One or Nexus S.

Motorola XOOM overclocked, breaks previous record with 1.6GHz speed
Description: The Motorola XOOM had experienced an overclocking experience which we covered at the end of February this year, touching 1.5GHz while taking on the mantle of a new record. Well, some months have passed, and while the Motorola XOOM did not burn up the sales charts, it has gone under the scrutiny of at least one person who thinks that the tablet could be pushed beyond 1.5GHz in terms of speed, touching a respectable 1.6GHz this time around.

Microsoft took its own turn at driving computer sales with a new promo. Anyone buying a Windows 7-based PC worth $699 or higher will get an Xbox 360 Arcade 4GB system for free without needing a rebate. Online shops for Microsoft and other PC builders will give the Xbox to anyone buying using a .edu e-mail address, but Best Buy and Microsoft Stores will take student IDs.
Description: Microsoft took its own turn at driving computer sales with a new promo. Anyone buying a Windows 7-based PC worth $699 or higher will get an Xbox 360 Arcade 4GB system for free without needing a rebate. Online shops for Microsoft and other PC builders will give the Xbox to anyone buying using a .edu e-mail address, but Best Buy and Microsoft Stores will take student IDs.

Gaming news

There Will Be Blood in Alice: Madness Returns
Description: Alice's mind is in ruins in American McGee's upcoming Wonderland re-imagining, transforming her fantastical sanctuary into a nightmare. Gamers can get a good idea of just how dark things will get in the intro cinematic for Madness Returns

Anarchy Reigns delayed until 2012
Description: Gamers wishing to bust some heads with either MadWorld's Jack Cayman or the Black Baron in Platinum Games' latest will need to wait a little longer. According to an update on Anarchy Reign's Japanese website, the game is now slated for a January 2012 release date instead of its original Q3 2011 time frame.

Rockstar Blames PS3 Firmware For Overheating Before Backtracking
Description: An item on Rockstar Games' support site about PlayStation 3 systems shutting down while playing L.A. Noire pegged the 3.61 firmware update as the cause of the problems. That support page has since been pulled, raising the question of whether that really is the source of such issues.

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